WEASO: Washington Education Association Staff Organization

We are a union representing staff that work for a union. Sometimes this creates a relationship that can appear ironic, especially to those outside the WEA. More often it means that our efforts are aligned with those of our employer because we have very similar missions and values.

WEASO is nearly 160 members. Many have come to WEA with union experiences gained through the WEA or NEA affiliates outside of Washington. Some have worked for non-affiliated unions and other members have come with experiences from outside a union environment. This is one aspect of the richness of our union and it contributes to a continuing dialogue about our work environment and the possibilities we see for improving it.

Besides diversity in experience and thinking, we value participation. We are an organization of volunteers with a full program of bargaining, enforcing member rights, developing relationships with managers and leaders of WEA, training our members, and building support systems within our membership. All of this takes a lot of commitment from the WEASO membership and the majority of our members participate in one form or another.

Solidarity [sä-lə-ˈda-rə-tē]:

We stand together to protect, defend and promote the rights of all union members. All members deserve the same equitable consideration and application of the collective union rights. This is also commonly stated as “an injury to one is an injury to all.”


We have an excellent resource for accessing our state’s labor history and thanks to the internet, it’s just a click away. The Labor Archives of Washington State’s mission is to preserve our region’s labor history, make it easier to access and use it to educate about the importance of labor today.

Click here for the Labor Archives of WA State!